Full Bum Panties

full bum panties
It’s not every day that I find a new site that caters to lovers of panties, upskirts, and such, so it’s a joy to show you Full Bum Panties.

Full Bum Panties is a site made by panty lovers for panty lovers, you can tell right away when you look at the scenes on the site, these guys love hot girls in panties, and they work it really well. Plenty of time is spent to enjoy how nicely a full pair of panties fits on a sexy ass, with the pussy lips pushing against the material and pouting at us!

All of the scenes are in HD, and the camera work is perfect for a panty or ass lover to really enjoy. This is all about those panties, a very sexy site for sure!

Download all the scenes at Full Bum Panties here!

Dirty Doctor

dirty doctor
Somewhere out there a girl right now is getting a gyno exam, and it might end up being like this scenes from the new site Dirty Doctor.

Basically, Dirty Doctor is a sort of fetish site that features hot girls getting a gyno exam that goes a little overboard, as the horny and perverted doctor goes from trusted medical profession to sort of molestor. Weird but hot in it’s own way, check out this sample story:

He swore he wouldn’t fuck his patients anymore but this dirty gynecologist can’t help himself. The sight of sexy young teens with perfect pussies who came for a gyno exam for their first time turns him on more than anything and he can’t stop himself! Lucky for him he always takes a deal with these shy cuties who don’t know how should the true gynecologist behave: And they open their legs and welcome him inside for all the pleasure he can handle. Nothing is better than fucking a teen tight pussy and that’s why he breaks his vow every time he sees a new shy patient!

The scenes are incredibly hot, the girls are fresh and tasty (and the doctor can prove it!), and the camera work in HD is excellent. If you like that sort of thing, this is certainly one of the best naughty exam sites around!

Check out Dirty Doctor here!

Nylons X

Here’s another hot new site, one I particularly like because it combines a few decent fetishes under one roof, and it’s all good. Introducing Nylons X.

Nylons X is basically a stocking or nylon fetish site, at least at it’s root. The girls are mostly eastern European (Russian and the like), and are extremely willing participants in the fun. There is plenty of fun too, this isn’t a pretty girls in pretty stockings sort of site, rather it’s a guys fucking hot young girls in stockings and filling them full of cum sort of site. That is what I mean by combining fetishes, because we get to enjoy hot teen / coed hardcore, sexy stockings, nylons, tights, spandex, and some really good cumshots, from creampies to “cum on my stockings” sort of things. Even some decent foot fetish style stuff in here too, all wrapped in a hot, hardcore type site.

Bonus is the content is all fresh, the girls are all generally new or unseen, the fucking is intense but natural and amateur, and the video is all 1080P HD style. Awesome all down the line!

Check out Nylon X here for all the hot HD action!

Zebra Girls

Here is one of those sites that doesn’t content itself with just being in one niche, it ends up in three different ones. It’s all good when it comes to Zebra Girls.

What is a Zebra Girl? It’s a black girl who likes dominating white girls in lesbian love. There are your three niches, we have hot lesbian sex, domination, and interracial all in one place. It’s a hot mix, it makes for some truly incredible lesbian sex (note not lesbian love, because the domination here really does push it over the line), and some great action. For lovers of hot lesbian action, the girls get into all sorts of toys, strap ons, anal plugs, sybians, and just about any other sex toy appliance you can think of. The interracial part can be very sexy, as you get a nice black and white mix. The domination may through a few people off, but it moves the story along and gets us from two girls in a room to white girl with a juicy black ass sitting on her face pretty quick. Overall, a very powerful site!

Check out Zebra Girls and see of yourself, click here!

Mad Sex Party

Mad Sex Party is a megasite that is oriented towards hardcore, extreme hardcore, and some fetish oriented material. It’s a very original site for sure!

The content is basically all European, East and West block, and trends towards the intense. From messy fetish wrestling and such on to hardcore gangbang fucks and wild multi shot facial cumshots, they get it all done with nice HD quality video. The site is laid out in a design sort of like a tube site, so it’s easy to get around, find related videos and stuff you like. These extreme stuff may shock you, everything from fully dressed sex and urination to drunken sex orgies. It’s a wild sort of buffet of filth, presented in a great way that is easy to enjoy. Plus they have sexy live cam events, and they can be almost anything and always worth checking out!

Overall, as far as extreme hardcore megasites go, this has got to be one of the best around. I recommend checking it out if any of the stuff interests you, it is a worthy site!

Check out Mad Sex Party and activate your password now!

Legware Passion

Okay, first off, let me say that I am not an expert in the field of legwear fetishes. However, I can say that based on what I do know and what I see, Legwear Passion seems to be a darn good site, let me elaborate:

First off, the guys who run this site specialize in leg and panty fetish stuff, and they really do shoot some great scenes. Second, the site has that wonderful amateur made with passion look about it, as opposed to the more slick commercial approach. It is clear that the guys building this site are fans of the subject, are knowledgeable, and they are trying to get together the best collection they can.

There is a whole lot to love at Legwear Passion as well, from body suits to stockings, mesh panties to leggings, and everything in between, all modeled by hotties that appear to be more amateur than pro, which is probably even a better thing. The mix is intoxicating and certainly on the target, unusually good for such a narrow interest area. This appears to be a great site, certainly worth checking out if this is your sort of thing!

See more of Legwear Passion here!

Big Tit Creampie

I have to say this is a great combination of ideas, Big Tit Creampie brings together creampie pussy and big titty girls all in one place.

Creampies are one of those things, the most natural way to finish fucking a girl, but these days most porn seems to end up with a cumshot facial, not pussy shots. So it’s great to see a fresh new site that is all about getting some cream in those pies!

Big Tit Creampie is basically a exclusive collection hot scenes of busty babes (mostly fake boobies, but certainly big) getting boned hard in all sorts of situations. The real trick is the finish, which is either an on the pussy and asshole external cream pie, or even better, a deep internal cumshot creampie, that leaves the girl with cum dripping out of her gaping hole. In some cases, the girls don’t know it’s going to happen and get a little weird, but that is just part of the fun. This is certainly a great site for lovers of big boobs porn, and the creampie finishes are a nice bonus.

Check out the action at Big Tits Creampie here!

Cheerleaders For Sex

Cheerleaders for Sex is another one of those sites where the title pretty much tells you what is going on. If you have a cheerleader fetish, or like girls in uniforms, then you will be liking this site a whole bunch.

A couple of important things though, don’t get fooled by the “amateur” thing on the main page, plenty of the girls in here are full on pornstars or at least part timers, so there is a bit of a mix. However, it’s all good, because if you are liking the fetish, then the content will rock your world just fine. Basically, lots of cheerleader uniforms, lots of nice upskirts, and tons of hot hardcore, often with the uniform still on (like it is suppose to be). The action is very hardcore, and the girls are into it big time. High quality video, decent locations, and hot action, it’s all a cheeerleader lover could want.

Check out Cheerleaders for Sex here!

Pregnant Sistas

You know the best thing about fucking a pregnant girl? No matter what you do, you can’t knock her up any more than she already is! Pregnant Sistas is a brand new all ebony, all hardcore pregnant porn site that fills a niche that is really lacking for hot new scenes, pregnant porn.

There is plenty of good to be had here. The girls are all ebony, but there are many different types, from your typical hood rats to high class hotties, all knocked up of course. Plenty of nice big milky titties, bulging bellies, and soaking wet pussies that haven’t had enough fun for months. A godo mix of action too, including some hardcore, lesbian scenes, and even some all pregnant girl orgies that will get your attention. Some of these girls are so pregnant you think they might pop the kid out right there, but they still take huge cocks and loads of cum like crazy. No worry about internal cumshots, she won’t get more pregnant!

Check out the action at Pregnant Sistas, click here!

Lesbian Kinkdom

This time out we go a little off into left field with one of the latest sites from the same people who brought you Club Seventeen and Public Place Pussy. This time it’s an all new, all fresh, and all exclusive romp through the world of lesbian bondage and fetish action, called Lesbian Kinkdom.

First off,if you aren’t into bondage, latex, or spanking, then you might want to give this one a miss. This site is about as much about the pain of pleasure as the pleasure itself. Nothing is left out, from spanking and bondage to latex suits, speculum play, insane insertions, nipple pegs, and plenty of more of the kinkiest stuff in lesbian sex. All the girls are willing participants, but some of this stuff will get your attention for sure. Either this sort of thing turns you on, in which case this is probably the perfect site for you, or it will freak you out. If you are more than a little freaked out, I would suggest you join the site to see it all, and draw your own conclusions. Maybe you like it more than you will admit! The girls are hot, the video is HD, and the action is intense to say the least!

Check out Lesbian Kinkdom for yourself, click here!