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Anal Mom is a hot site the recently opened with a ton of hot fresh scenes. As the title suggests, this site is all about hot MILFs and Mommies getting fucked in the butt. This is the high end high quality stuff here, 4K videos of hot moms taking it in the butt and loving it. Anal Mom has some truly intense ass fucking scenes, with some ass to mouth finishes and also some really nice anal creampies too! The Hot Wives are generally on the younger end of the scale, their butts still very tight and they are loving getting fucked in the ass. This site also has some pretty good special pricing from time to time, so check for Anal Mom discounts for more hot butt fucks!

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tushy anal

Anal sex right now is pretty much the hot topic, pornstars getting it in the ass has long been a career highlight move, and now more and more girls are taking it in the ass and loving it. The all new Tushy, from the same guys who brought you Blacked, is all about hot hardcore ass fucking, plain and simple. Some of the hottest girls including Riley Reid are her getting their butts banged and loving it. 4K video, hot girls, great anal sex, this site is everything an anal addict would want and more, including plenty of ass to mouth and creampie ass finishes too.

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We Fuck Black Girls


Here’s a twist on all of the stereotypical black guys fucking white girls sites, it’s called We Fuck Black Girls. it’s hot black girls getting fucked by white guys with huge cocks, with plenty of action and mostly no holes barred either. Plenty of hot action including anal fucking and double penetrations, ass to mouth cumshots, and creampies too. It’s overall a really nicely done site, it’s pretty new and they are still adding content, but it looks like this will be a hot one.

The girls range from hood rats to hotties, and the one thing they have in common is that they are all getting fucked by big white meat sticks. I mean huge cock alert, these guys are packing more than enough to pretty much rip these girls open. It’s funny to watch them trying to suck huge cocks, especially while another one is fucking them in the ass!

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Young Legal Porn

young legal pornHere’s another hot site that I let slip by the first time around, but since it’s so good, let’s get talking about Young Legal Porn.

This site is part of the way of European (mostly Eastern Europe) porn that has been sweeping the online world, especially in the teen sections. It seems that Russian teen girls in particularly are sexy, petite, horny, and willing to do almost anything. The results for Young Legal Porn is a huge mish-mash of everything teen porn possible, from sexy solo scenes, masturbation, lesbian licking, and intense hardcore. The hardcore includes straight sets, group scenes, and some very hot hardcore anal sex as well, as these horny teen girls are willing to take a cock in any hole! Creampies are as common as facial finishes here too, meaning this site has plenty of variety in it’s hardcore. The girls are top notch, real without a ton of makeup, certainly hottest girl in the class material and they love to fuck, plain and simple. It’s hot and horny and to the point, and that’s what makes this site and it’s HD quality videos worth checking out.

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Fuck Studies

The teen hardcore niche is always seeming to come up with new and interesting ways to show us hot teen girls getting fucked hard, and one of the best new ones is called Fuck Studies.

It’s a European produced teen hardcore site. The basic idea is girls with their tutors, their boyfriend, and so on trying to study, trying to get better grades, but all they ever seem to study is anatomy. They seem to get those lessons right!

The girls are hot, plenty of lithe blonds, petite spinners, and naughty teen girls, and the action is intense and often a little surprising. Plenty of the girls are in sexy schoolgirl uniforms and that just adds to the fun. Plus the action isn’t just straight fucking, some of these teen girls like getting ass fucked too, plus the finishes are varied from creampies to facials, and everything in between.

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Lets Try Anal

I tend to like sites that bring a little levity to otherwise serious subjects. A smile and a laugh tends to get you a whole lot more tail, and that seems to be the play at Let’s Try Anal.

The site is basically a user submitted amateur site, with the focus on first time anal sex. This is where the need for levity comes in, because these girls are often not entirely into the idea of getting ass fucked, but their boyfriends talk them into trying, so it’s all systems go for a trip up the hershey highway.

The action as a result is fucking awesome – anywhere from girls just about dying from the size of a big cock in their ass to the ones that cum like total sluts and beg for it harder, deeper, and more often in their asses. Toys, fingers, and cocks are all going in the back doors here, and the girls reactions are really what makes it so much fun. Plus you get some nice anal cumshots, anal creampies, and cum on my ass finishes that are good fun too.

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Big Cock Loving Teens

Sometimes just a good old fashion hardcore fuck site is a good thing to have, and Big Cock Loving Teens brings us just that sort of thing.

This isn’t brand new site by any means, rather Big Cock Loving Teens is one of the most popular Teen fuck sites around, a very popular site that features hot teens from all over the world (with plenty of Euro teens) who just simply love to get fucked by big cock dudes. The girls range from pretty normal 6s and 7s to stunning hot 9s, and there is even some group sex and side by side action. These teen girls aren’t shy about it either, and so they really get what they want. Some of the girls go all out with intense teen ass fucking sessions, it’s amazing to see them take huge cocks up their poopers! The video is generally HD quality stuff, streams pretty quickly, and looks very good full screen. This is a quality site with the stuff you want!

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My Step Daughter Ate My Ass

The title of this site is enough to send some people into having fits. My Step Daughter Ate My Ass sort of puts a whole bunch of stuff on the table, from incest to salad tossing, both of which are topics that some people try to avoid.

However, that being said, I will have to say that My Step Daughter Ate My Ass delivers exactly what it promises, hot hardcore action with an older / younger spin on the game. If you are into that stuff and can ignore the “step daughter” part, you can really enjoy a site that shows some great older guy younger girl action. The girls are all in the 18-24 range, so it works well on that level, although some of the guys look more like older brothers. If you like salad tossing (eating out the ass while wanking the guys cock) or pure out rimming, you will also enjoy this site as the ass eating action is pretty much spot on. The girls seem to be pretty much into it, and there is a good mix of girls including some hot petite name pornstars like Tanner Mayes in the mix. Tiny tits, ass licking, and hot fucking are all on the menu here!

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Tricky Masseur

I love when I find a site that has a little more to it than just the usual boy meets girl, boy fucks girl going on. Tricky Masseur plays to the pervert in all of us, and sexy and innocent teen girls come to get a massage and end up getting their holes poked instead!

Basically, the girls show up looking for a massage, usually for a small injury or just to relax. The massage part is pretty good, most of these girls are Euro-teeners, and they aren’t shy to get naked and just cover their butt with a towel. Well, the oil flies, and slowly but surely the towel goes away. Over time, the Tricky Masseur turns this into teasing, pussy rubbing, fingering, and it just goes from there. Plenty of slippery oil here, so there is even some hot teen anal sex to add to the mix. The girls are pretty much all unknown fresh faces, and the action is generally hot and enjoyable!

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Young Harlots Academy

Every so often a new site comes along that I think really brings something good, hot, and perhaps a little unique to the table. Young Harlots Academy is one of those sites, a ground breaker not only in the quality of the girls, images and presentation, but also in taking schoolgirl uniform porn to the next level.

The site is shot entirely in Europe (mostly the UK) and features some truly stunning hot girls, all in schoolgirl uniforms. I will admit that some of them are maybe a little past their schoolgirl years, but they support the fantasy of schoolgirl fucking really well, and almost all of them are true stunners. The action is all shot in very nice quality HD, and everything from the videos to the stills is presented in a very, very high quality. The site is produced by Harmony, who have been in the porn world for more than a decade and know how to get high quality looks. The girls are hot, and the action is typically no holes barred, wild, and intense. There are plenty of great solo sets that let you enjoy the girls in all their sexy nature, and just as much if not more intense hardcore, including some group sexy, threeways, and exhibitionist style stuff. All of course centered around schoolgirl uniforms. Excellent!

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