Well here is a decent twist on an existing idea, something that probably should have happened a while ago but it now just hitting town, live webcam chats that can happen on your PC or on your mobile phone. Check out Phonemates!

The basic idea is the known Live Webcam thing that has been around for a while, and remains one of the best ways to enjoy the internet. I mean, porn is great, but having real fantasies with a real girl who really wants to get off with you, well, that is just perfect. Phonemates takes this a couple of steps further. First off, it appears that most of their girls have really great cams. The image quality is very high, and the girls are generally girl next door hot, and come in plenty of different shapes and sizes. When I took the screen shot, there was almost 1000 girls, couples, MILFs, and even gay and lesbian hosts online. Nice! Plus you can take the action onto your smart phone, turning your Iphone into your personal sexy chat room. It’s amazing stuff, and certainly worth checking out.

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Sakura Live Real Japanese Camgirls

If you are a fan of hot asian girls, then this site is going to absolutely blow you away. When it comes to hot asian pussy, Japanese girls are often considered some of the hottest, sexiest, and yet shy girls, a real prize that most guys never get the chance to enjoy. Well, now is you chance to turn your asian girl fantasies into reality with Sakura Live.

Sakura Live has got the largest network of real, true, natural Japanese girls who love to play on cam and chat live with you. These aren’t 101 girls from other countries faking it, this is real honest to to god Japanese girls online right from their bedrooms and living rooms, playing on camera, getting naked, and well, doing just about everything you want. It’s absolutely hot, and the girls are real and very, very easy to convince to do some pretty wild things. Use your imagination, and you will have a very good time with these girls!

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Naughty Web Cams Live

NaughtywebcamsFresh Webcam sites are almost always the most fun.  You find new girls, fresh faces, ready to have a great time.  Naughty Web Cams is a pretty recent site, and I love the general layout and such.  The best part is that some of their top girls are using a sort of “HD” style deal that means you get a great high quality image, and you get to enjoy them in super detail.  Nice interaction here, get a free account and chat.  Tons of hot girls, like Alex in a Schoolgirl Uniform for you to enjoy.

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New Live Sex Site: XTC Live

Okay, no picture or anything for this site yet, it is brand new and packed with a bunch of new faces I haven’t seen in any live site before.  The video quality is good, the girls are friendly, and they actually have schedules so you might be able to find the girl you really like!  Not a 1 million girls live thing, maybe 50-100 girls live at a time, but these girls are nice, and they seem like they want to have some fun.

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Hot girls chatting live – that is a simple concept that most sites just can’t seem to manage. Too many of the live chat rooms I have reviewed just don’t have enough girls, enough people to make things interesting.

I’m Live has got it hands down. Tons and tons of hot girls chatting live, and there are a ton of girls 24 hours per day. I just checked right now as I post this there are 500 live girls, couples, trannies, and lesbians online… and almost 10,000 chat hosts signed up. You won’t get bored here, the girls are hot, they are friendly, and man, they love to get off!

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