Passion HD

passion hdGlamcore is certainly all the fashion these days, and PassionHD is one of the better choices in the field.

Glamcore means glamour and hardcore together, which is really a nicer way of saying that the site has hot scenes that are filmed to look as good as the action is hot. So there is the glamour high quality image look to all of their HD video scenes, but at the same time there is plenty of hardcore to it as well. The site certainly runs the gammit from straight up hardcore to some great lesbian and threeway scenes, there is plenty of passion and plenty of pussy at the same time, a really good mix. The site is also updating often, with fresh new stuff featuring some of the hottest younger porn girls and fresh faces. Add in that the sex isn’t just wham bam thank you m’am stuff, but rather intimate sessions with plenty of enjoyment, and you have a great site with the sort of scenes you actually want to watch again and again – also this is a great site for girls, there is enough passion and romantic angles to make this stuff enjoyable for the ladies, so perhaps a hot site to share with a lady friend too… while you are fucking her doggy style!

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Young Legal Porn

young legal pornHere’s another hot site that I let slip by the first time around, but since it’s so good, let’s get talking about Young Legal Porn.

This site is part of the way of European (mostly Eastern Europe) porn that has been sweeping the online world, especially in the teen sections. It seems that Russian teen girls in particularly are sexy, petite, horny, and willing to do almost anything. The results for Young Legal Porn is a huge mish-mash of everything teen porn possible, from sexy solo scenes, masturbation, lesbian licking, and intense hardcore. The hardcore includes straight sets, group scenes, and some very hot hardcore anal sex as well, as these horny teen girls are willing to take a cock in any hole! Creampies are as common as facial finishes here too, meaning this site has plenty of variety in it’s hardcore. The girls are top notch, real without a ton of makeup, certainly hottest girl in the class material and they love to fuck, plain and simple. It’s hot and horny and to the point, and that’s what makes this site and it’s HD quality videos worth checking out.

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Wet and Puffy

wet and puffyWet and Puffy is a site all about wet pussy in all it’s different flavors and ways, mostly concentrating on masturbation and lesbian sex scenes.

If you like seeing gets getting themselves off to the point of gushing cum, or even squirting, then you will find this site pretty darn nice. The girls are hot, and they all have the common thing of very wet pussies. Often before they even touch themselves you can already see the cream running out of their needy cunts, and masturbation makes it even wetter! Some of these girls take on massive dildos and vibrators as well, and some of that slippery pussy juice means anal play comes along too! These girls certainly do cum hard!

Add in some nice lesbian play, especially mutual masturbation and toy play means even more wet pussy to enjoy!

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Step Siblings

step siblings lesbiansThere really hasn’t been all that much new in the world of lesbian porn recently, but we have a new player to shake things up, check out Step Siblings.

As the title suggests, Step Siblings players the not-quite-incest card pretty hard here, and it actually works out. It explains similarly aged girls together who can still do things together, and they play it very well. Their taglines are “Ever wanted to sneak a peek at your step sister changing? How about eating pussy? Inside you’ll see sexy videos of teen step sisters getting really close. They learn what they taste like and what they feel like inside! See it all!” and it pretty much sums up the game. It’s all about good setups for hardcore lesbian action with a naughty, almost incest edge that makes it a little more forbidden. Some nice threeways in here with friends, and plenty of nice closeup action, all shot in HD and all very hot indeed for lovers of fine lesbian action with hot younger girls.

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Wow Girls

It’s been a great few weeks here for impressive new sites, and I have to say that the all new Wow Girls is topping my charts.

Wow Girls is sort of a web 3.0 porn site, that is to say that the content is all original, all HD, and all high quality with images up to 6000px. The site is multilingual, it’s got NO DRM, fast downloads and streams, and they add new girls all the time. The best part is that the girls are hand selected, hottest, sexiest real girls around in sexy solo scene and intense hardcore action. It’s all here from sexy coed lesbians licking each other out to anal creampies. You never know what you will find, except that it will be hot, high quality, and served up faster than you can think. Clearly, this is a top new site!

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Lesbian Chunkers

Lesbian Chunkers is a hot new site that sits right at the intersection of BBW and pussy eating fun.

The basic idea is hot plus size girls that are really into eating pussy and other girls. This is an all girl site, no guys around, but the girls more than make up for that with some of the hottest girl on girl action around. These chubby hotties need loving, and they are getting it from each other in big loads of fun. The girls range from merely plump to seriously plus size, an all shapes and sizes in between. Plenty of hot action with pussy eating, fingering, making out, toys, and even some hardcore strap on fucking that is not to be missed. If you have an inkling for the bigger girls, this is a truly hot site to enjoy the bigger girls getting each other off!

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Zebra Girls

Here is one of those sites that doesn’t content itself with just being in one niche, it ends up in three different ones. It’s all good when it comes to Zebra Girls.

What is a Zebra Girl? It’s a black girl who likes dominating white girls in lesbian love. There are your three niches, we have hot lesbian sex, domination, and interracial all in one place. It’s a hot mix, it makes for some truly incredible lesbian sex (note not lesbian love, because the domination here really does push it over the line), and some great action. For lovers of hot lesbian action, the girls get into all sorts of toys, strap ons, anal plugs, sybians, and just about any other sex toy appliance you can think of. The interracial part can be very sexy, as you get a nice black and white mix. The domination may through a few people off, but it moves the story along and gets us from two girls in a room to white girl with a juicy black ass sitting on her face pretty quick. Overall, a very powerful site!

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Horny Lil Nymphs

There really isn’t enough hot lesbian porn online, there are plenty of sites that try but most of them fail. But this new site, Horny Lil Nymphs, brings their A game and the hot girls to really make a god of it.

Basically, this site is brought to you by the same guys who made Public Place Pussy and Lesbian Kinkdom. You know they have the hot girls, and they wild ones too. This is an all girl on girl with, with hundreds of videos and tons of girls, mostly European hotties who can’t get enough of each other’s tasty twats. Everything is here from innocent first time lesbian sex to more intense group gropes and strap on play. There is even some public nudity and outdoor lesbian action, which is super sexy and really enjoyable. The girls run from girl next door 6 or 7s up to some really stunning hot 9s, and they are all here for one thing: pussy!

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Lesbian Kinkdom

This time out we go a little off into left field with one of the latest sites from the same people who brought you Club Seventeen and Public Place Pussy. This time it’s an all new, all fresh, and all exclusive romp through the world of lesbian bondage and fetish action, called Lesbian Kinkdom.

First off,if you aren’t into bondage, latex, or spanking, then you might want to give this one a miss. This site is about as much about the pain of pleasure as the pleasure itself. Nothing is left out, from spanking and bondage to latex suits, speculum play, insane insertions, nipple pegs, and plenty of more of the kinkiest stuff in lesbian sex. All the girls are willing participants, but some of this stuff will get your attention for sure. Either this sort of thing turns you on, in which case this is probably the perfect site for you, or it will freak you out. If you are more than a little freaked out, I would suggest you join the site to see it all, and draw your own conclusions. Maybe you like it more than you will admit! The girls are hot, the video is HD, and the action is intense to say the least!

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Seducing The Sitter

Seducing the Sitter is a fantasy / reality type of site that centers around a pretty naughty little fantasy that many of us have: getting to bone the babysitter. This site adds some fun to the fantasy in that it is a sharing sort of experience, with couples seducing their barely legal sitters into some wild threeway action.

The site has a good mix of known teen porngirl faces as well as some fresh new girls, the fantasy is fairly well played, and the couples are generally MILF and huge dude types so the action is fairly hot and interesting. Interesting mix too of threeway with the guy and girl on girl MILF does teen action as well, which keeps things spicy. Overall, not a bad site for fans of this sort of fantasy fuck session.

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