Step Siblings

step siblings lesbiansThere really hasn’t been all that much new in the world of lesbian porn recently, but we have a new player to shake things up, check out Step Siblings.

As the title suggests, Step Siblings players the not-quite-incest card pretty hard here, and it actually works out. It explains similarly aged girls together who can still do things together, and they play it very well. Their taglines are “Ever wanted to sneak a peek at your step sister changing? How about eating pussy? Inside you’ll see sexy videos of teen step sisters getting really close. They learn what they taste like and what they feel like inside! See it all!” and it pretty much sums up the game. It’s all about good setups for hardcore lesbian action with a naughty, almost incest edge that makes it a little more forbidden. Some nice threeways in here with friends, and plenty of nice closeup action, all shot in HD and all very hot indeed for lovers of fine lesbian action with hot younger girls.

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