JAV HD Uncensored Japanese Porn

jav hd uncensored japanese pornFor lovers of Asian porn, the concept of censored, mosaic, or pixelated porn from Japan has pretty much been a fact of life. It’s the law, or so it seems, but now we have a fresh sort of Japanese porn without the annoying blurring!

JAV HD has a ton of hot real Japanese porn movies, with those sweet, sexy, hot, and easily conned into fucking Japanese girls getting boned in all sorts of ways. This is pretty darn hot stuff too, from Japanaese health massage fuck to schoolgirls getting gangbang lessons and everything in between. These are wild, intense videos, often shot gonzo or home movie style, but that shows the girls off well. You can expect anything from schoolgirls to MILFs, from sexy in the office and in public to sex in school and at home. It’s all here, all with hot Japanese girls who are willing to take it on. They have a mix of scenes too, some with pixelation as the uncensored stuff is still harder to get, but it’s all the hot Japanese porn you want!

Overall, this site is pretty high rated, it’s nice to see Japanese pussy without pixels!

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Big Tit Hitomi

hitomi tanakaWhen most guys think of Asian porn girls, they think of petite girls with small tits, furry (and often pixelated) pussy, and plenty of moaning. But Japan has some truly sexy busty girls, and one of the best known is Hitomi Tanaka.

Scoreland added her to their roster about a year ago, and now they roll out a site which is nothing but the very best of busty Hitomi and her massive Japanese tits. This girl’s natural big tits are amazing, huge by any scale and totally off the charts when you think of Asian girls. She’s just busty as they come. This site is her official site, with plenty of exclusive scenes, and a great collection of much of her past stuff as well. This girl is super hot, very sexy, and her big tits will absolutely make you drool. She is a one of a kind busty Japanese pornstar, a real keeper!

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Office Sex Dot JP

When it comes to wild and naughty sex, the Japanese have it – and this new site, OfficeSex.JP has it all!

Japanese guys and girls are into wild sex, that is for sure. Even as the girls play all innocent and the guys look too straight, their sex lives are anything but shy or straight. This site is all about fucking at the office, fucking your coworkers, and having a wild time. Much of the action takes place right in the office cubicles, in the bosses office, in the car park, in the elevator, and pretty much anywhere else they can thing of to fuck up a storm. No office quickies here either, plenty of hot hot hardcore action, teasing, licking, sucking, and hot fucking. Some light bondage, some domination, and even some very sexy gangbangs and toy play here too. It’s hot as hell to see some officelady get bent over her desk and have her pussy eaten out from behind, especially if she is trying to answer the phone at the same time. It’s hot messy and sexy fun, Japanese style!

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Asian Tranny Police

When I first saw this site, I wasn’t really sure if they were sort of kidding or giving us a real interesting fetish niche. It turns out to be an interesting niche, that is for sure.

Asian Tranny Police combines hot Asian shemales and ladyboys (mostly from Thailand) and wildly sexy police uniforms into a rather over the top site. It’s an odd combination of shemales, domination, dress up, and fetish play, and it is actually quite entertaining. Certainly if you are into ladyboys, or are a little curious, this is a good way to get your fix. The shemales are impressive, from naughty 7s to wildly hot near 10s, and the action is all hardcore fun.

The uniforms are impressive as well, not just your typical sex shop dress up stuff, these ladyboys have gone all out. It’s certainly worth checking this site out!

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Submit Your Thai

When I first heard the site name Submit Your Thai, I thought it might be some sort of weird Soi Cowboy bondage fetish site, you know, take your Bangkok bar girl and get them to submit. Thankfully, it’s not the case, instead we are treated to a pretty original and fun Asian site.

Basically, Submit Your Thai could also be known as “Thai Bargirls I Fucked Last Vacation”, because it’s an all amateur, all home shot look at real Thai girls. Plenty of hot Thai girls here, real natural babes who just love to fuck and aren’t shy to do it for a little cash. The strip clubs of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza are famous the world around for not only having some hot Thai girls stripping, but also because you can “bar fine” and pay the girl to go back to your hotel for full on hardcore action. This site features hot pics and videos taken with these sorts of girls, and the action is hot, naughty, and sometimes just downright amusing.

Overall, a great site for lovers of hot Thai girls in action – check out Submit Your Thai here!

I Love Thai Pussy

I Love Thai Pussy is not a new site, it’s been around for a while. However, a recent set of updates and a new tour called Klaus’ Sex Tour is pretty much a good reason to check this site out. However, let me just say that I don’t really agree with some of the stuff here, including the idea of bareback sex with Thai bar girls. But hey, to each their own, I guess.

Basically, this site gets you a good look inside the wild sex scene in Thailand. Places like Soy Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and the gogo bars in tourist places like Phuket are prime sources for hot Thai pussy. These girls loves to fuck, they tend to have very tasty little bodies, and they aren’t shy to try almost anything. The action here is pure amateur hardcore stuff, with plenty of lead up stuff, some public play, and of course, some hot shots from the club scene. The girls do it all, some of them do anal and this guy tries to creampie every one of them. It’s wild, naughty, and more than a little dangerous, but it is hot to see!

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Happy Tugs

Happy Tugs is a great new site that touches something that many guys have experiened, but few would admit: The Asian Massage parlor.

Happy Tugs is a hidden camera site that features some hot Asian girls running a massage place and making their customers happy. Very happy. This isn’t just a rub down, it’s a rub one out sort of a place. The girls don’t just rub either, they aren’t shy to suck, stroke, lick, and get naked and ride those cocks. Anything to make the customer happy. The action is hot, direct, and the peep show view with the hidden cameras makes this one a whole lot of fun. The girls range from average hot to hot as hell, some fake boobs, some real, and all ready for action. Some of these guys can really fuck too! The girls go all out, and the action is just intense!

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Couples Bang The Baby Sitter

Here is another one of those great sites where the title tells you almost everything you need to know: Couples Bang the Baby Sitter!

The good news on this site is that the action is hot, it’s all fresh (no recycles) and it’s all in HD. There are some real hotties in here, some teen newcomers plus some experienced faces. I particularly like Petite Asian Rosemary Radena getting her little brown body fucks and licked out! Plenty of action here, it’s all threeway sets, and sometimes the balance is more on the bisexual mom eating out the babysitter, and other times on just a nice hard fuck. Overall, it’s a very stong site, especially if you like good hardcore threeway fucking.

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Japanese Slurp

From the same guys who brought us the incredibly popular J Schoolgirls site comes the all fresh and all messy Japanese Slurp, the all Japanese blowjob and cumshot site that doesn’t leave a drop unshot.

Basically, this is some of the hottest Japanese pornstars, babes, and amateur first timers in hardcore action with plenty of oral attention. Japanese guys don’t generally have big cocks, but Japanese girls sure do like to suck cock. Plenty of great action here, and the cumshots are intense. Heck, what would you expect from the country that invented Bukkake? Plenty of sexy girls getting totally creamed, slurping knobs, swallowing cum, and getting multiple cumshots. A great mix for the Japanese lovers, that is for sure.

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One of the most enduring porn fetishes is the schoolgirl uniform, and the country that started it all is Japan. This is a place where all students wear uniforms, and where even 20 something women will walk around in their schoolgirl uniform because they know it will turn on the men. Naught stuff!

JSchoolgirls is a site dedicated to nothing but the finest schoolgirl based Japanese porn. Plenty of public upskirts, schoolgirl masturbation, hardcore schoolgirls fucking, schoolgirl uniform fetish material in general, and plenty of hot hardcore action Japanese style. Some of it may be a little strong for Western morals, but they play by different rules in Japan and it’s all good. The girls range from kawai (cute) to hot as fuck (naked and fucking!). Plenty of cum facials, group sexy, and of course, schoolgirl creampie finishes. It’s all good, and this site is part of a larger collection of Japanese sites that you get access to as a member. Perfect for the Japan porn fan!

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