Submit Your Thai

When I first heard the site name Submit Your Thai, I thought it might be some sort of weird Soi Cowboy bondage fetish site, you know, take your Bangkok bar girl and get them to submit. Thankfully, it’s not the case, instead we are treated to a pretty original and fun Asian site.

Basically, Submit Your Thai could also be known as “Thai Bargirls I Fucked Last Vacation”, because it’s an all amateur, all home shot look at real Thai girls. Plenty of hot Thai girls here, real natural babes who just love to fuck and aren’t shy to do it for a little cash. The strip clubs of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza are famous the world around for not only having some hot Thai girls stripping, but also because you can “bar fine” and pay the girl to go back to your hotel for full on hardcore action. This site features hot pics and videos taken with these sorts of girls, and the action is hot, naughty, and sometimes just downright amusing.

Overall, a great site for lovers of hot Thai girls in action – check out Submit Your Thai here!