Solo Interviews

Well, this site is a little different, and certainly refreshing. Solo Interviews is exactly as the title would suggest, a site full of single girls getting intreviewed and well, revealing a whole bunch about themselves.

The real fun starts as they get more and more naughty, telling their sexual secrets and getting talked into getting naked for the camera and showing off. These girls reveal it all, including their favorite ways to masturbate and get off, their fantasies, and what really turns them on. Plenty of hot girls, from amateurs to porn girls you might know, all naughty and fun. A very intimate site!

Check out Solo Interviews here!

Taboo Stories

Okay, now, the ol’ Horny Dude has been around the net and computers for a very long time. Back before there was pictures and stuff, we had stories. You know, like the letters you might find in Penthouse or Hustler or whatever. These stories tell the (somewhat) true adventures of people just like you and me (although the girls tend to be sexier and the guys have longer dicks, but that is okay… everything is better through our own memories, I guess).

We, Taboo Stories is one of the best story sites on the net. This one has been online for about 10 years now, collecting an impressive archive of hot erotic stories, including all those nasty and naughty topics that are forbidden everyhwhere else… you see, nothing is left out at taboo stories!.

Last time count I heard was that they had over 13,000 stories online (that is a ton!), plus they had added some games, videos, pictures, and even some live chats. It’s hot.

I know the owner of this site personally. He is just like me, he truly enjoys stories, and the site is a passion. You will surely enjoy this site, I do! 🙂