Bad Tow Truck

bad tow truck

It’s not very often these days that a truly original reality site comes along, but I have to say that Bad Tow Truck is perhaps the hottest new site in the Reality world. From the masters at Reality Kings, this site is all about what a tow truck driver catches on camera inside and around his tow truck. Girls will do anything not to get their cars towed or so that their boyfriends or husbands won’t find out they screwed up. The resulting videos are hot as fuck and the girls are wild, plenty of great cumshots, hot pussy, and more. This is one reality site that is worth checking out, the action is just too damn hot!

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Office Sex Dot JP

When it comes to wild and naughty sex, the Japanese have it – and this new site, OfficeSex.JP has it all!

Japanese guys and girls are into wild sex, that is for sure. Even as the girls play all innocent and the guys look too straight, their sex lives are anything but shy or straight. This site is all about fucking at the office, fucking your coworkers, and having a wild time. Much of the action takes place right in the office cubicles, in the bosses office, in the car park, in the elevator, and pretty much anywhere else they can thing of to fuck up a storm. No office quickies here either, plenty of hot hot hardcore action, teasing, licking, sucking, and hot fucking. Some light bondage, some domination, and even some very sexy gangbangs and toy play here too. It’s hot as hell to see some officelady get bent over her desk and have her pussy eaten out from behind, especially if she is trying to answer the phone at the same time. It’s hot messy and sexy fun, Japanese style!

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My Friends Hot Girl

If you have ever had a fantasy about nailing your buddy’s hot girlfriend, or co worker’s stunning babe of a wife, then you will love My Friends Hot Girl.

This is a site from the Naughty America group, and their stuff is always high quality, high end, and the girls are really hot. This is a pure out fantasy fuck your buddy’s friend site, and some of the girls might be a little more familiar than you expect. But it’s all good, because the setups and the scenes are good, the action is hot, and they don’t limit themselves to just guy fucks girl, they also have some nice threeway action as the guys girlfriend sometimes helps him out to nail his buddy’s hotty girl.

Video quality here is excellent, technically this is some of the best hardcore fucking you will find online, and download speeds and viewing sizes are optimal. It’s worth checking out for sure!

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I Love Thai Pussy

I Love Thai Pussy is not a new site, it’s been around for a while. However, a recent set of updates and a new tour called Klaus’ Sex Tour is pretty much a good reason to check this site out. However, let me just say that I don’t really agree with some of the stuff here, including the idea of bareback sex with Thai bar girls. But hey, to each their own, I guess.

Basically, this site gets you a good look inside the wild sex scene in Thailand. Places like Soy Cowboy, Nana Plaza, and the gogo bars in tourist places like Phuket are prime sources for hot Thai pussy. These girls loves to fuck, they tend to have very tasty little bodies, and they aren’t shy to try almost anything. The action here is pure amateur hardcore stuff, with plenty of lead up stuff, some public play, and of course, some hot shots from the club scene. The girls do it all, some of them do anal and this guy tries to creampie every one of them. It’s wild, naughty, and more than a little dangerous, but it is hot to see!

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Tricky Masseur

I love when I find a site that has a little more to it than just the usual boy meets girl, boy fucks girl going on. Tricky Masseur plays to the pervert in all of us, and sexy and innocent teen girls come to get a massage and end up getting their holes poked instead!

Basically, the girls show up looking for a massage, usually for a small injury or just to relax. The massage part is pretty good, most of these girls are Euro-teeners, and they aren’t shy to get naked and just cover their butt with a towel. Well, the oil flies, and slowly but surely the towel goes away. Over time, the Tricky Masseur turns this into teasing, pussy rubbing, fingering, and it just goes from there. Plenty of slippery oil here, so there is even some hot teen anal sex to add to the mix. The girls are pretty much all unknown fresh faces, and the action is generally hot and enjoyable!

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Latina Rampage

Latina Rampage is another hot new site from the Bang Bros crew that brings us hot latina girls in hardcore action. It’s a straight forward site, basically pickups and fucking.

The girls are pretty darn hot, some of them are known pornstar type girls, some are regionally known girls, and some are outright fresh meat newbies doing their first on camera fucks. Plenty of hot babes here, that is for sure, and these latina girls really do know how to move their ass and fuck like crazy. The whole deal is shot in South Florida, where there are tons of absolutely stunning hot latina girls who are ready to party! The fucking goes from straight up and simple hot fucks to public flashing and outdoor fucking. The girls range from nice looking 7s to outright 10s, girls so hot you won’t believe they will fuck on camera. All delivered with that standard Bang Bros style!

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Cheerleaders For Sex

Cheerleaders for Sex is another one of those sites where the title pretty much tells you what is going on. If you have a cheerleader fetish, or like girls in uniforms, then you will be liking this site a whole bunch.

A couple of important things though, don’t get fooled by the “amateur” thing on the main page, plenty of the girls in here are full on pornstars or at least part timers, so there is a bit of a mix. However, it’s all good, because if you are liking the fetish, then the content will rock your world just fine. Basically, lots of cheerleader uniforms, lots of nice upskirts, and tons of hot hardcore, often with the uniform still on (like it is suppose to be). The action is very hardcore, and the girls are into it big time. High quality video, decent locations, and hot action, it’s all a cheeerleader lover could want.

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Public Place Pussy

Public Place Pussy is the name of this pretty new site from the wild guys who bring your Club Seventeen. This European based public nudity site certainly hits all the high points, not only giving you some amazing public flashing and nudity shots, but also featuring some truly intense public space hardcore. There is fucking in cars, in public parks, blowjobs on the train, on street corners, and so on. Plenty of upskirts and fucking around in public places as well. One of the very hot parts about this stuff is they go out of their way to take risks, you can always seem people, traffic, and what not in the background, even city buses passing behind a girl who is giving us a major upskirt of her bald pussy. If you are into public sex, public nudity, flashing, or risky public sex, then you will want to check out Public Place Pussy for sure!

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Seducing The Sitter

Seducing the Sitter is a fantasy / reality type of site that centers around a pretty naughty little fantasy that many of us have: getting to bone the babysitter. This site adds some fun to the fantasy in that it is a sharing sort of experience, with couples seducing their barely legal sitters into some wild threeway action.

The site has a good mix of known teen porngirl faces as well as some fresh new girls, the fantasy is fairly well played, and the couples are generally MILF and huge dude types so the action is fairly hot and interesting. Interesting mix too of threeway with the guy and girl on girl MILF does teen action as well, which keeps things spicy. Overall, not a bad site for fans of this sort of fantasy fuck session.

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Backroom MILF

Now this is a fun new site, proof that the recession can lead to some good fun. Basically, these guys run ads looking for new girls to be in the porn business, specifically over 25, and it is amazing the girls that turn up. So they film the entire interview process, and the ones that really want the job, well, they get busy right there in the office back room, interviewing not just with their hot MILF bodies, but with their oral and fucking talent. No pornstar girls on this one, no fake MILFs, just real mommies, wives, and generally horny babes that want to fuck and don’t mind the camera at all. Some really steaming hot action too, some of these amateurs really know how to fuck and suck, and more than a few of them love cum facials too. It’s a real audition system that works out for everyone, the girls get a job and we get to enjoy these unknowns fucking on camera for the first time. Some of the interviews are a little odd, but damn, some of these girls are so hot you wish you could fuck them too!

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