Private Classics

The online world of classic porn is strewn full of sites that promise high and deliver very low. That’s why I don’t list them – until I found Private Classics, a truly fine classic porn site.

Private is one of the longest running names in the porn world, this European based company has been at it since the mid 60s, and they have produced some of the most sexy images as well as some of the original sexy hardcore videos. Private Classics is this prestigious firm taking it’s huge back catalog of stuff, and making it available to you online. More than that, they have opened the vault to all sorts of videos and pictures shot over the years that have never been used before. So it’s set your watch back 40 years and check out a time when the girls were almost all natural, with bushy twats and natural tits, and the sex was a little more innocent and fun. It’s hardcore with a hairy edge, showing not only hot girls in action but the whole mentality of hardcore and softcore from the past. Very sexy and very enjoyable site, top rated in my books!

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Hot Bush

Bucking the trend in porn that has seen us all looking at girls with big fake boobs and entirely shaved pussies, comes Hot Bush, a website that not only likes them with a little hair, but celebrates it and encourages it.

It is very refreshing to see girls with actual public hair. The best part is this isn’t some sort of overgrowth get our your weed whacker type hairy, but rather a nice natural well tended look that makes the girls look just hot. 99% of us will never pick up a girl with a totally shaved pussy, so why have it in porn? This is real pussy like you would pick up in real life, so enjoy it!

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