Busty GFs Exposed


Keeping up with the very popular trend of girlfriend and home movie sites, comes the site called Busty GFs Exposed. Call it a niche site inside the niche of girlfriends, basically the girls on this site are all pretty much C cups and above, and generally are real amateurs. The content ranges from a few interesting pics to hardcore home made fuck videos, all with super hot naturally busty girls. The best part here is that these girls are real and you might actually know some of them, they are real girl next door hotties with big boobs and something big other things too… all good!

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Nubiles Casting

nubiles castingThe Nubiles group have really expanded their offerings in the last little while, you have the original Nubiles, their popular mature site Anilos, and the top ranked Glamcore site Nubiles Films. Now you can add the first time fuck video site Nubiles Casting to the list, and it’s a good one.

Instead of your typical girl gets her first fuck video with some guy who’s all hands and figures, this one has a more subtle and enjoyable twist: The new girls are brought into the porn world by a more experienced girl who has already done a bunch of stuff, and so it’s a soft girl / girl way of looking at things, with plenty of hot action, big cocks to fuck, and all sorts of stuff like that, while keeping a happy and fun vibe. Plenty of intense action here, don’t let the soft girl helping girl cover hide that, the fucking is intense and these girls have their first on camera orgasms and that’s fucking hot. That we also get plenty of girl on girl action too adds to the mix and makes this one of the better first time fuck on video sites around. Some of the girls are never seen again, others go on to star on Nubiles and Nubilesfilms, either way it’s all good to see a girl get her first on camera fuck!

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BFFS – Best Friends Forever

bffs best friends foreverBFFS is a new site that just opened that has a ton of hardcore, groupsex, teen and coed scenes that will get your attention.

BFFS is Best Friends Forever Sex…. these teens and coeds are sharing lots of sexy experiences together, and they will be best friends forever because they know each others secrets, and often because they are sharing the same cocks or licking out each other’s wet pussy. Fucking awesome action for sure, it’s all hardcore and fun, with plenty of party sex, dorm room stuff, public nudity and sex, and shared fuck experiences. The variety is huge as well, it’s not just one thing or the other, just a whole bunch of different Best Friends Forever sex experiences that these girls will never forget!

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See My GF

see my gfOne thing that the technology revolution has brought us is a world where everyone or just about has a camera in their hand or pocket all the time because their cell phone has one. Some of the newest 4g phones has incredibly high quality cameras in them, so it’s inevitable that people will take nudies, selfies, and film themselves fucking. Thus you get See My GF.

The action here is pure home movie stuff, the girls range from hotties to average but super slutty. They have all sorts of scenes too, from public nudity and selfies to hardcore fucking, cum shots, group sex, shared public sex, party girls, and all sorts of wild stuff. The video and picture quality varies too, this stuff is real amateur home shot so some of it’s really good, some of it’s so-so, but all of it is hot, naughty, and very sexual. It’s a true peeping delight to see all these hot girls showing off for the camera, and doing really sexy things thinking nobody was going to see the video. Well, we got the video honey, and you are so busted!

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Kelly Madison

kelly madison
I was actually surprised that I hadn’t talked about Kelly Madison before, this busty MILF is a true web story worth mentioning.

Basically, unlike many girls who decide to be porn stars and just go out and fuck for other people, Kelly Madison and her horny husband decided that they could do it all themselves, do it online and do it better. So they set up their own studio space, and started the Kelly Madison site. This babe is amazing, a big busty, lusty gal with reportedly 34FF natural big tits, and she loves to play! She’s a solo babe, a model, a pornstar, a swinger, and an all around naughty hotty who loves to fuck.

I’m Kelly Madison and I have been producing my own website for over 10 years. I have one of the largest, if not the largest individual model sites on the Internet. I have diligently updated my site with photos and High Definition video of my personal fantasies, members’ requests, my personal sexual escapades and hardcore fucking. Take the free tour and sample for yourself how much I wish to please you. I am a filthy Milf with all natural breasts and I enjoy making you happy.

She’s straight up a web original, a girl who does it all and loves it, and often shares fresh young girls with her perv husband. Hot stuff for sure!

Teens Do Porn

teens do porn

Teens Do Porn is pretty much as you would expect, a teen fuck site, but it’s got some excellent qualities that make this site worth checking out.

Teens Do Porn is a teen hardcore / try out / debut video site, and the girls are generally super fresh, new, and not girls you have seen on a ton of sites before. Some of them have done masturbation or solo sets before, but generally this is their first official on camera fuck, and the action is pretty darn hot. The girls range from normal girl next door types to some pretty hot babes, the sort of girl that turned heads in high school and is now giving head on video! Nice HD quality stuff too, the camera work is borderline amateur home movie at times, but that’s a good thing because it shows how raw and real the action is. The girls answer some questions and then soon are fucking like rabbits, plenty of nice pop shots here and more than a few surprised girls getting coated in cum!

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Real Tampa Swingers

real tampa swingersWhen the internet was young and innocent, the real powerful porn sites where real amateur / swinger sites. Most of those are gone, but a few carry on, and one of the best ones is Real Tampa Swingers.

Basically, it’s a site about a couple, who have a vacation house in Tampa and love to have swinging parties there. They record them and show off their wild ways, with plenty of fun action, intimate shows, gangbangs, and everything else. The camera work here is amateur, some shaky cam, some extreme closeups, some cool shots, some weird angles… and plenty of the hot fucking and real girls taking hot cumshots and big cocks. It’s a classic style internet amateur site, one that is certainly worth checking out if you like amateur hardcore porn!

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My Sex Life

lori andeerson my sexy lifeMy Sex Life is the official and wild personal site of true life exhibitionist Lori Anderson, one of the true web originals. Check out her story:

Well hello there…allow me to introduce myself! My name is Lori Anderson. I first appeared on the internet back in 99 doing live webcam shows when we heard about other people doing it on the TV show 20/20. I couldn’t believe the response I received from all the guys watching me. I became as addicted to doing it, as the guys watching me…lol. I would cum all the time & I mean for real! Sometimes, my boyfriend would jump into the webcam show and I would suck his cock for like an hour while guys would watch us. It really turns me on to have strangers watch me in my most intimate moments. My favorite thing is when I’m told how to make YOU cum. I love to please, and nothing pleases me more than to make my members cum while I cum! It gets me off so hard knowing that, even in some small way, we’re connected. Even if only for an hour. It’s a complete mind and body rush like no other! So, if you like what you see, come inside and let’s take this to the next level hon. Can’t wait to meet you inside!! ~ XoXo Lori

Her site is packed full of her sexy adventures, this girl is a wild, hot, horny girl who loves to do it all, and loves to show you everything. Her site is one of the originals, a truly sexy amateur site that you won’t want to miss!

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Nerd Pervert

I love sites with a bit of attitude and an amusing theme, and Nerd Pervert certainly has all that.

The basic premise is you have a bit of a nerd guy who has a bit of cash and came up with the perfect scam to get to fuck hot girls all over the world. He set himself up as a porn producer for a mythical big name studio, and he gets hot girls to do it all for cash while he films the action – often getting to fuck the girls for himself. The girls range from total stunner model babes to more normal girl next door looking for a buck types, and that makes it even more fun. Each new adventure really is an adventure, as the Nerd Pervert finds them, strips them down, and fucks them on camera.

Many of the girls are from the UK, and they range from busty chubby girls to hot stripper types, and even some totally high dollar hooker types that seem to love to fuck in front of the camera. The image quality varies a bit, but the action is hot and totally amateur style, which is great fun!

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Wow Porn

wow porn I honestly think they should have named this site Wow Girls Hardcore, because this site has all the same sort of girls you might find on Wow Girls, but now all hardcore and all wild.

Wow Porn sort of bridges the gap from Glamcore to more traditional teen and coed hardcore. The girls are hot, the locations are good, and the camera work excellent. Most of the girls are teens or coeds, and many of them are very petite, usually Russian or Eastern Block girls, with sexy little bodies, tight pussies and a love of fucking. The action is full on hardcore here, with plenty of allt he things you love – from straight up fucking and lesbian scenes to hardcore anal, creampies, and facial cumshots. It’s sort of amazing to see how hardcore these innocent looking teens can be, they really get into it and some of them clearly love to get ass fucked!

Overall, this is probably one of the best new teen sites I have seen in ages, great content, hot girls, incredibly hardcore action, and no limits as to what might happen – from gangbangs to double penetrations, it’s all up for grabs here!

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