Zebra Girls

Here is one of those sites that doesn’t content itself with just being in one niche, it ends up in three different ones. It’s all good when it comes to Zebra Girls.

What is a Zebra Girl? It’s a black girl who likes dominating white girls in lesbian love. There are your three niches, we have hot lesbian sex, domination, and interracial all in one place. It’s a hot mix, it makes for some truly incredible lesbian sex (note not lesbian love, because the domination here really does push it over the line), and some great action. For lovers of hot lesbian action, the girls get into all sorts of toys, strap ons, anal plugs, sybians, and just about any other sex toy appliance you can think of. The interracial part can be very sexy, as you get a nice black and white mix. The domination may through a few people off, but it moves the story along and gets us from two girls in a room to white girl with a juicy black ass sitting on her face pretty quick. Overall, a very powerful site!

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