Dirty Doctor

dirty doctor
Somewhere out there a girl right now is getting a gyno exam, and it might end up being like this scenes from the new site Dirty Doctor.

Basically, Dirty Doctor is a sort of fetish site that features hot girls getting a gyno exam that goes a little overboard, as the horny and perverted doctor goes from trusted medical profession to sort of molestor. Weird but hot in it’s own way, check out this sample story:

He swore he wouldn’t fuck his patients anymore but this dirty gynecologist can’t help himself. The sight of sexy young teens with perfect pussies who came for a gyno exam for their first time turns him on more than anything and he can’t stop himself! Lucky for him he always takes a deal with these shy cuties who don’t know how should the true gynecologist behave: And they open their legs and welcome him inside for all the pleasure he can handle. Nothing is better than fucking a teen tight pussy and that’s why he breaks his vow every time he sees a new shy patient!

The scenes are incredibly hot, the girls are fresh and tasty (and the doctor can prove it!), and the camera work in HD is excellent. If you like that sort of thing, this is certainly one of the best naughty exam sites around!

Check out Dirty Doctor here!