Legware Passion

Okay, first off, let me say that I am not an expert in the field of legwear fetishes. However, I can say that based on what I do know and what I see, Legwear Passion seems to be a darn good site, let me elaborate:

First off, the guys who run this site specialize in leg and panty fetish stuff, and they really do shoot some great scenes. Second, the site has that wonderful amateur made with passion look about it, as opposed to the more slick commercial approach. It is clear that the guys building this site are fans of the subject, are knowledgeable, and they are trying to get together the best collection they can.

There is a whole lot to love at Legwear Passion as well, from body suits to stockings, mesh panties to leggings, and everything in between, all modeled by hotties that appear to be more amateur than pro, which is probably even a better thing. The mix is intoxicating and certainly on the target, unusually good for such a narrow interest area. This appears to be a great site, certainly worth checking out if this is your sort of thing!

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