I usually can come up with some really inventive stuff to say about a site, but when it comes to Slimewave, I am a little bit lost. I mean, wow. Let me try to explain.

Slimewave is I guess what you might call a cumshot gone wild site, or a wet and messy meets mechanical mayhem site, or well… basically, it’s a glory hole site, but the cock is a mechanical deal not the real thing. The girls are super hot (including Stacy Silver, who is the presenting star here), usually dressed very sexy, and they get naughty with that fake cock. But that isn’t the deal here, because the real fun starts when that cock starts to cum. When I say cum, I mean spewing high velocity fake cum all over the place, gallons of the stuff, literally soaking the girls in cum in a wild sort of endless cumshot. It’s nutty, it’s more than a little sexy, and the girls reactions are classic. The site will either turn you on a whole bunch or make you laugh like crazy, but either way it’s fun as hell, just a little hard to describe. This is one I truly recommend you go check out yourself to understand better!

Check out Slimewave here and see for yourself how wild this site really is!