Shes New

I have to admit, I really do enjoy sites that show girls in their first every fucks, their home movies, and things like that. It’s why I like She’s New.

First off thought, let me say that not all of the girls are new, but rather that some of these girls are now known pornstars. But the videos you are seeing are their home movies, or their first hardcore scene tapes from a while back, and that makes it damn fun. There are a ton of girls here, some of them have great potential to be pornstars, some have become pornstars, and some of them have disappeared completely after getting their first on camera fucking.

The action is hot as fuck, it’s really gonzo porn style home made video stuff, not too much on the pro side, and that means some wild action without too many cuts or stupidity. It’s just hot fucking, often in odd places. Some good public teasing stuff too, bathrooms, showers, cars… sex happens where it happens, right? It’s fun to spot the porn girls as well as the up and coming newbies, there are certainly some hotties on here that should be doing more porn!

Check out She’s New and see what the fun is all about!