Lacey Brooks

Amateur is sort of a relative term these days, as plenty of hot girls get their own websites. The line between pornstar girls and amateur girls is often blurred. Sometimes though that blurring is fine, and that is the case for sexy Lacey Brooks.

Lacey Brooks is a busty (somewhat artificially) blond with an absolutely rocking body, a great personality, and generally a hot look. Her site is pretty new, and everything on it is shot in HD, high quality, super def, whatever you want to call it. Basically, stuff looks great, Lacey Brooks looks great, and that’s good. Her bio has her as a 22 year old with 34D tits, no boyfriend for the moment, and she is bisexual. Her site has plenty of action, lots of dress up and get naked sets, masturbation, and while I haven’t see anything with other girls yet, I am guessing that will happen. More than anything, this girl just proves that a great personality and a hot body together are very, very enjoyable!

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