Amateurs Raw

There is something special about a girl getting her first one camera fuck, especially when it’s well filmed and we really get to see all of the action, that is the promise of Amateurs Raw.

First, a little note: Not all of the girls are pure amateurs here. I noted some experienced porn girls in here, under different names, but the action is still very good. Overall, the girls range from sexy coeds to horny wives, a nice wide mix, and they range from sexy 7s to hot 9s. Some fake boobs, you have to think that some of these girls are strippers or something, but overall nice, natural and sexy. The action is filmed pro style, which makes this more of a pro-am site. That means decent lighting, good camera work, and you can actually see what is going on. It’s a good thing too, because the fucking it hot as it comes, and some of these girls are brave enough to even do anal on screen for the first time.

Overall, the site is high end, the action is sometimes more Pro than Amateur, but it’s all good and totally hot! The video is HD quality too!

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