Shady PI

shady PI - private investigatorThis is certainly an interesting site. Shady PI is all about a private investigator with a mission. His story is simple: “A few years ago, I suspected my wife of cheating on me. I decided to install spycams inside of my own fucking bedroom. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, some naive part of me still hoping her lies would turn out to be true. But there was no way I could deny the evidence: this piece of shit was fucking around my back. When I saw the footage, I left the house and never looked back. I decided to become a private investigator to catch other cheating whores. Pretty soon I was turning down clients – that’s how fucked up women are these days. I tailed my targets for days and bugged every room I could access. I accumulated a huge collection of tapes.”

So this guy has got the best collection of cheating wife videos you have ever seen, and he keeps getting more as he works more. Talk about hot. Plenty of great action here!

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