Her Freshman Year

I was pleasantly surprised when this site came online a couple of months back, I wasn’t sure if it would work out but it has turned into a damn hot site for checking out hot teens and coeds in hardcore action. Her Freshman Year is basically another play on the “pay for school, fuck on video” concept, but at least this time they aren’t trying to fake that the 20 year old girls they are getting coming in are barely legal, which is really cool. The fuck scenes are hot, there is a good pro-am look to everything that means you see it all, but it doesn’t look like standard canned porn. The girls are generally hot, from some new faces to coed aged porn girls you might have seen before, but they play the game well and generally things are hot. This site is super hot if you are lover of tiny tits, coeds, sexy teens, and intense and unscripted hardcore action. These girls aren’t just fucking for the money, they are fucking for a good time too, so plenty of hot orgasms to go around. A highly recommended site!

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