GF Revenge

Okay, this one takes a slight bit of explaination. GF Revenge I think stands for Girl Friend Revenge, and it is a site dedicated to getting a whole bunch of girls rather pissed off or well known, or maybe both.

The idea? Images stoeln from hacked accounts, stolen videos from home cameras, youtube, out of camera phones, wild party shots, facebook profiles, wherever these guys can find them, and they get them all in one place for us to enjoy and for the girls to get mad about. The stuff goes from sexy shots to full nudes, from teasing to cumshots and gangbangs, from first time lesbian to wild party girls, drunk sex, public flashing, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s pretty much all amateur with some pro-am in the mix as well, but it’s all good fun and naughty, just they way we like it!

Check out the action at GF Revenge, and draw your own conclusion!