Exploited Ex-GF

Certainly girlfriend sites have become one of the more popular themes over the last little while, and Exploited Ex-GF continues down that very enjoyable road with more hot girl friend videos.

Basically, the concept is simple: videos and pics taken of ex-girlfriends, often featuring hardcore action. These are those sorts of home movies that nobody was suppose to see, but now that they are broken up, well, dudes have no problem sending in their videos to show how hot a piece of ass they were tapping, and how much of a slut she was! The action is pretty intense, plenty of hardcore, and the camera work is anything from the old “camera never moves” to some POV stuff as well. The girls are pretty hot, plenty of duck faced girls here mugging for the camera, and plenty of sweet pieces of ass getting fucked on camera, maybe the only time you will ever see them do it. A pretty decent site overall, certainly worth checking out if you like this sort of hardcore action.

Check out Exploited Ex-GF here and enjoy the girlfriend videos!