Dani Daniels

dani daniels
To be fair, I am not usually a fan of official sites, because they are usually lacking and rarely very official. However, I think the new Official site from Dani Daniels is a nice exception to the rule.

First off, the site appears to be really hers, really her, and really her involvement. Second, I love the attitude:

My “VIP” member fans get to see me be myself… my crazy, fun, silly, artsy self! All of the updates on here have been a blast because I got to be in full control and do what I want, with who I want. It’s like seeing the REAL me! I hope you all enjoy it and even if you are already a member of the Puba Network, you can still sign up for my site and show your love and support! Thanks everyone! XXXOX, Dani Daniels

it’s about as real an official site can get, the girl is here, she is having fun, and she is showing off her wild, sexy, and naughty sides. She’s a hot girl with an intense interest in the visuals and the way she appears, and her site is packed full of her very personal videos and pics!

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