Casting Couch Teens

In a sea of ignorant, stupid, and totally faked “reality” sites, comes Casting Couch Teens. It isn’t all that original, it isn’t way out there on the reality scale, but man, it works.

The basic premise is “first timers”. Girls who maybe have never been in a porn movie except perhaps the one that got shot when they were drunk at that frat party. These girls have done the deeds before, but never with a camera and never on demand like this. The girls are suitably confused, one of them thinking she has come for a job as a dog walker! They get slowly lead down the garden path, and sooner or later, a guy model is brought into the game… somewhere along the line, the girl catches on, and well, much fucking and sucking is the result.

The thing about this site that got me is that the action looks good and real. In some cases, by the time the girl gets her panties off for the first time, you can see the wetness on her pussy and a nice wetspot on the panties. These girls really seem to get caught up in the moment and they cum like wild women! The orgasms come fast and furious, and these girls don’t hold back a thing. There are no real virgins in the group, but you can tell some of them haven’t ever gotten a serious slamming from a big huge cock. What can I say? It’s fucking hot.

casting couch teens
where the girls fuck and suck for the first time on camera!