Bus Stop Whores

Bus Stop Whores takes us down that happy road of street side pickups. The twists and turns lead to the inevitable fucking and sucking that we all love… sometimes in some strange places!

Let’s start with a quote from their promo stuff:

These hot ladies are low on cash but high on ambition when they get an offer they can’t refuse at the bus stop. Cold hard cash for some hot steamy sex. That’s the deal at Bus Stop Whores. This site has hundreds of hardcore action reality videos of hotties giving up the goods for cash. They get the ride of their life to try and buy a ride.

It’s pretty hot, the camera work is tight and juicy, and the girls are pretty darn freaky at times. the movies are well encoded so they download fast and play well. There are plenty of episodes here, and they are adding all the time. The idea is simple, but the results are pretty darn hot!