Bang Bus

BANG BUS: – this is the original hardcore reality site, and it’s still as wild and stupid as ever.

Dirty Sanchez is your host, here is the basic premise: Guys drive around in a van, looking for girls to pick up. They usually find the dumbest and hottest girls, talk them into the van, and over a period of time, talk them into getting naked. It turns into a wild fuckfest on wheels, often with the views of traffic streaming by the van as they fuck going down the highway.

The insanely hot sex is broken up by some of the funniest stuff you will ever hear on camera. These guys don’t just fuck these girls pussy and ass, but they fuck up their minds too.

The kicker is that they usually trick the girl into getting out of the truck before they are paid for their services, and drive off leaving the girl pissed off in the middle of nowhere. It’s fantasy world stuff, but it’s fun as hell and done with a tongue firmly in cheek and often deep in a pussy.

Overall this one is classic, you gotta see it to beleive it!