Dirty Wives Club

dirty wives clubThere has been a real impressive increase of porn sites in the category of MILF, sexy wives, housewives, and the like. So it’s no surprise that one of the powerhouse organizations in MILF porn – Naughty America – steps up with their new site Dirty Wives Club.

Dirty Wives Club is pretty much a pornstar MILF site, with the high quality, exclusive scenes that have made Naughty America one of the true leaders in porn. It’s a great collection of hot scenes with girls that are MILFy hot and sexy, and everything is about seducing (or being seduced by) a horny housewife MILF. The scenes are all exclusive to the NA family, you won’t find this on 50 other sites!

If you love MILF porn, and are into MILF pornstars, then you need to check out Dirty Wives Club here!

Big Tit Hitomi

hitomi tanakaWhen most guys think of Asian porn girls, they think of petite girls with small tits, furry (and often pixelated) pussy, and plenty of moaning. But Japan has some truly sexy busty girls, and one of the best known is Hitomi Tanaka.

Scoreland added her to their roster about a year ago, and now they roll out a site which is nothing but the very best of busty Hitomi and her massive Japanese tits. This girl’s natural big tits are amazing, huge by any scale and totally off the charts when you think of Asian girls. She’s just busty as they come. This site is her official site, with plenty of exclusive scenes, and a great collection of much of her past stuff as well. This girl is super hot, very sexy, and her big tits will absolutely make you drool. She is a one of a kind busty Japanese pornstar, a real keeper!

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My Sex Life

lori andeerson my sexy lifeMy Sex Life is the official and wild personal site of true life exhibitionist Lori Anderson, one of the true web originals. Check out her story:

Well hello there…allow me to introduce myself! My name is Lori Anderson. I first appeared on the internet back in 99 doing live webcam shows when we heard about other people doing it on the TV show 20/20. I couldn’t believe the response I received from all the guys watching me. I became as addicted to doing it, as the guys watching me…lol. I would cum all the time & I mean for real! Sometimes, my boyfriend would jump into the webcam show and I would suck his cock for like an hour while guys would watch us. It really turns me on to have strangers watch me in my most intimate moments. My favorite thing is when I’m told how to make YOU cum. I love to please, and nothing pleases me more than to make my members cum while I cum! It gets me off so hard knowing that, even in some small way, we’re connected. Even if only for an hour. It’s a complete mind and body rush like no other! So, if you like what you see, come inside and let’s take this to the next level hon. Can’t wait to meet you inside!! ~ XoXo Lori

Her site is packed full of her sexy adventures, this girl is a wild, hot, horny girl who loves to do it all, and loves to show you everything. Her site is one of the originals, a truly sexy amateur site that you won’t want to miss!

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Holly Randall

holly randallGlamour and the whole glamcore movement goes back a long way, but has recently come to a head. I am particularly happy to see the all new Holly Randall site, which is top notch in every way.

Holly Randall is the daughter of Suze Randall, perhaps one of the best erotic photographers of our times. Holly has learned well, and is now one of the top shooters for all of the high end websites and magazines out there. Her official site has some of her best work, some of her most personal stuff, and the stuff she is the most proud of, all in one place. The new design and layout make this perhaps one of the top sites in the glamour and glamcore world, certain something to check out. You won’t see another site like this, Holly Randall has a unique view and a unique take on things, and her work is beyond reproach!

Check out Holly Randall’s official site here for more hot glamcore action!

Nerd Pervert

I love sites with a bit of attitude and an amusing theme, and Nerd Pervert certainly has all that.

The basic premise is you have a bit of a nerd guy who has a bit of cash and came up with the perfect scam to get to fuck hot girls all over the world. He set himself up as a porn producer for a mythical big name studio, and he gets hot girls to do it all for cash while he films the action – often getting to fuck the girls for himself. The girls range from total stunner model babes to more normal girl next door looking for a buck types, and that makes it even more fun. Each new adventure really is an adventure, as the Nerd Pervert finds them, strips them down, and fucks them on camera.

Many of the girls are from the UK, and they range from busty chubby girls to hot stripper types, and even some totally high dollar hooker types that seem to love to fuck in front of the camera. The image quality varies a bit, but the action is hot and totally amateur style, which is great fun!

Check out Nerd Pervert and see all the action for yourself – it’s hot!

18 and Busty

18 and bustyHere’s a newer site that will interest you if you like stacked teens and coeds.

18 and Busty is a site that focuses in on barely legal teens (and some coeds, more on that in a minute) that have big tits. Big in this case seems to mean anything over a C cup, which is a pretty good range. The girls here range from 6s with massive tits to 9s with major melons. If these sorts of girls are your cup of tea, then this site is certainly worth checking out, it’s narrow on the niche and very accurate.

Now, the little note is that some of the girls aren’t 18, and the site owner is honest about it. If a girl is a little older, she’s included because her tits are exceptionally nice. No pornstar fake titties here either, the girls all look generally natural and busty, and that’s pretty good. The content quality is a little all over the road too, some of it’s fresh and hot and some of it’s a little older (and some of it a little older than that). It’s all targeted on the niche of busty teens, and like I said, it you are into teens with big tits, this is certainly a site that you will enjoy!

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Teeny Black

There has actually been a pretty good run on new and updates sites the last few weeks, and the one that stands out to me as a top new site is called Teeny Black.

This site is all about hot teen (and to be fair, coed) black girls who love to fuck. It’s a bit of a casting call style site, as these girls are pretty much all fresh to the porn game, and that makes it even more fun.

The action is pretty hot too, some of these girls can shake their ass and ride a cock with the best of them. Camera work on Teeny Black is more or less Gonzo style, so you get plenty of close ups of juicy black pussy packed full of cock, and plenty of hot reaction shots from the girls too! Some of these girls are hot as they come, and they end up coated in cum, which is all fun!

If you like ebony girls and teen pussy, this is a perfect mash up for your spanking pleasure!

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Casting Couch X

casting couch X
Casting Couch X is a site that goes down a well worn but usually entertaining path, the first time porn girl.

Basically, they line girls up for interviews and first time video shoots, and the results are hot and often more than a little funny too. Some of the girls are totally into it and really have a grasp of the deal, others see the camera and sort of freeze up, not sure what to do.

Thankfully, they have talented stunt cocks in there to get the show on the road, and the end results are usually pretty hot. The girls are a mix from reasonable 5s and 6s to incredibly hot 9s, and the very best ones end up with a face full of cum, which makes them a 10 in my book!

Check out all the action at Casting Couch X here!

Dani Daniels

dani daniels
To be fair, I am not usually a fan of official sites, because they are usually lacking and rarely very official. However, I think the new Official site from Dani Daniels is a nice exception to the rule.

First off, the site appears to be really hers, really her, and really her involvement. Second, I love the attitude:

My “VIP” member fans get to see me be myself… my crazy, fun, silly, artsy self! All of the updates on here have been a blast because I got to be in full control and do what I want, with who I want. It’s like seeing the REAL me! I hope you all enjoy it and even if you are already a member of the Puba Network, you can still sign up for my site and show your love and support! Thanks everyone! XXXOX, Dani Daniels

it’s about as real an official site can get, the girl is here, she is having fun, and she is showing off her wild, sexy, and naughty sides. She’s a hot girl with an intense interest in the visuals and the way she appears, and her site is packed full of her very personal videos and pics!

Check out more of Dani Daniels here!

Sexy Amateur Hailey Leigh

hailey leighI don’t usually get too excited about amateur sites, they tend to be all about your personal preferences and taste, and how you relate to the girl. However, sometimes an amateur girl comes along, and I have to mention her. In the case of Hailey Leigh, it’s second time around makes it better.

Hailey Leigh had a site before (still up, but she is not participating, from I gather) called her Hideaway. She was pretty much a non-nude teaser with a bit of a nipple flash from time to time, very normal cute amateur girl stuff. Hailey Leigh is very sexy, a natural redhead with freckles curves, and a generous happy smile. She caught my eye before, and now she catched my eye even more.

Why? Simply put, Hailey dropped the teasing stuff and is now full nude and proud of it. She’s just turned 20 and well, the clothes are coming off. Wow. This girl has been hiding an almost perfect body, nice sized tits with bigger nipples (and piercings too!) and a sweet shaved pussy. Best I think is her ass and thigh combination, one look at her from behind and you will know what I mean. This is a girl you want to get in doggy style!

Her new site is all HD, all sexy, and she does some live sexcam shows too. All good!

Check out Hailey Leigh here and enjoy this sweet piece of tail!