40 Oz Bounce

40 ounce bounceOkay, I gotta admit this is a new one by me.  40 oz Bounce combines sexy big booty girls with truly horrible drinking habits.  Well, not really drinking, just pouring habits I guess.   I had to look at this site about 4 times to even figure out what they are on about, which is probably good because something new is always good.

Basically, groups of guys go out drinking and looking for fun, and when they find a quality round ass, they go to town on the girl, drinking and fucking and pouring booze all over her sexy ass.  The girls get to drinking too, mostly drinking cum and having a good old time.  Plenty of semi-public group sex, round ass loving, and maybe even a little anal, it’s all hot and pretty original.  If you like this stuff, you will love this site, it’s sort of nutty.

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